Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Workshop Wednesday - Get Hooked on Crochet

Morning! I hope you are all having a fab week and managing to enjoy some of this gorgeous, warm sunshine that has arrived here in the UK.  I've had a busy week so far, even more so than normal as my husband has broken a metarsal in his foot.  Something it's made me realise is how we take doing small things for granted. As it's Wednesday it is time to share another great workshop with you and this one I am particuarly interested in as I have failed to learn to crochet.  So I was thrilled when Ali from Get Hooked on Crochet got in touch to share her crochet workshops.

Ali teaches beginners, beginners plus, improvers and intermediates from her home in North Dorset.  Each class is for two hours and lasts for four weeks.  As with many workshops distance becomes an issue so Ali listened to potential pupils and started online classes via Course Craft. There are two courses for right handers and currently one for left handers, with the second currently being constructed.  Since starting these online crochet classes Ali has helped many people learn to crochet.  I have added these classes to my list for my summer holidays from uni.  

So if you would like to learn to crochet visit Get Hooked on Crochet website for more information -

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