Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Crafting Kits for Children

Hello again, I hope you are all enjoying the school holidays. Kitty and Amber have braved the windy cold garden to practice roller skating again, having customised their retro style skates earlier with fabric glue and sequins! I have always encouraged my children to be creative and reguarly have crafty afternoons with my three daughters.  Sadly my sons are no longer interested in glue and paint, but are great at helping in the garden.  A few years ago I ran and taught craft sessions for preschoolers and then for children aged 3-11 in the school holidays.  I always loved planning these as much as running them and spent hours cutting out templates for some of the activities.  Perhaps you are not lucky enough to have sessions like these near to you or actually just want to stay cosy indoors making and creating with your children.  There are many tutorials available on the internet for childrens crafts but today I wanted to share some crafty kits for children.   The ones I have chosen are probably aimed at older children rather than preschoolers, that allow them to practice sewing.

This is just a tiny selection but I am sure will inspire your children to get sewing and making.  Be sure to share photos of any items stitched and sewn by your children with me on Twitter or Instagram.

Have fun

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  1. Great selection, but I like Sophie Tilley Designs the best......


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