Saturday, 13 April 2013

Suffolk Saturdays - Orchard End Books

Hello again, I hope you are all getting to enjoy some sunshine today.  We have  blue skies and sunshine here in Suffolk and it's warm enough to pop to the village shop without a coat or jumper.  Suffolk is always at it's prettiest this time of year as flowers start to bloom, trees look less stark as they bud and blossom and there is a warm glow across the fields.  Having moved here twelve and half years ago, I always feel blessed to live in such a pretty and peaceful county and I thought it was about time I celebrated the place I call home here on the blog.  So I now plan to introduce you to independent businesses, that of course relate to the blog, based here in Suffolk aswell as some of my favourite places to visit in a weekly series called Suffolk Saturdays.

Starting today I want to introduce you to my husbands new business, Orchard End Books.  With a freelance career as a writer and being a historian he has a love of old books so decided to open a second hand bookshop online.  Searching local auction houses for fabulous stories bound in dusty covers to list in his virtual bookshelves is for Andy the ideal job.  He has also added a Props & Collectable department to his store this week, which is already proving popular.  Vintage lovers, stylists, photographers and wedding planners will love the old typewriters, Super 8 camera, records and suitcases aswell as the vintage Penguin paperbacks.  Book collectors around the world are becoming regular customers and I can see a business that is going to grow rapidly.  

So if you love books or are looking for something to style a photoshoot or wedding I am sure we will be adding you to our client list very soon.

Have a wonderful afternoon,

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