Monday, 5 August 2013

Closing Down Sale in My Etsy Shop

The summer break always seems to be when decisions are made in our house.  Maybe it is because we take time out, take a step back, relax and contemplate.  This past year has been one of big changes and new adventures.  Whilst I started retraining I pondered keeping a toe dipped in the crafty sellers pond yet I now realise I need to focus on one path.  My second year of my degree promises a heavy workload and I will still be commuting when on clinical placement so I have made a decision.  I am going to close my Etsy shop on Friday 24 August.  

I am in the process of listing various ribbons and trimmings in my shop at reduced prices to clear stock. Whilst I could keep it all for future projects I really could do with a little bit of cash as medical textbooks are very expensive! So if you need to stock up for future projects please take a look and grab a bargain.  

The next three weeks will be the end of an era for me, closing a door to properly commit to opening a new one.  Right now I am not sure whether to completly step away and also close my twitter account, but I do love catching up with you all there.  I am also considering writing a personal blog, no pressure for pretty pictures, projects and the need to review products sent to me. Just somewhere I can continue to write, as a place I can still be creative and stay in touch with friends around the country and the world.

More decisions to make but for now I am off to enjoy a cup of tea in the garden.

See you soon,

Friday, 7 June 2013

Fabric Friday - Spoonflower

Morning! It's Friday and we've made it through another week.  My day started very early today as Jack is heading off on a day trip to Ypres with his school and needed to be there at 5.30 am.  Thankfully Andy is driving again so he can do the late pick up tonight which is very good news for me!  I thought today I would have a little fabric Friday indulgence and share with you the fabulous website Spoonflower.  I first wrote about this innovative idea a couple of years ago and have since watched the whole concept develop and grow.  Spoonflower is the place to go for any would be fabric designer.  

Since it's first foray into print your own design fabric production, Spoonflower has now extended it's products so that we can design our own wallpaper, giftwrap and decals.  Aswell as ordering these for our own projects other people can also purchase our designs and we can purchase other peoples designs.  I love everything about Spoonflower and one day will find time to try my hand at surface pattern design.  In the meantime I have discovered some fabulous designs on their website that I hope to use on projects in the future.  

Are you a Spoonflower designer?  Please get in touch ( I can share your designs here.

Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to pop by for Designer Brunch on Sunday.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Workshop Wednesday - Lino Print Tea Parties

Morning! I hope you are all having a fabulous week.  Andy is having his cast off tomorrow, so we are planning  a little celebration tomorrow evening.  It's been a long and difficult six weeks but we've got through it and can now get back to normal.  This will mean I have time to start my regular features again here on the blog including Workshop Wednesday.  So today I am excited to share the fab idea of lino printing tea parties.  I have yet to try lino printing but the idea of learning a new craft whilst drinking tea and eating cake sounds like a wonderful idea to me.  

Laura and Lucie are the super printing duo that started running these lino printing workshops earlier this year.  Once a month they invite printing novices to join them to learn to design and cut a rubber lino stamp then use it to print on a number of surfaces, including giftwrap, greetings cards and tea towels.  Whilst learning this new skill there is plenty of time for tea, cake and chatting amongst the guests and teachers.  These workshops are run from Craft Central in Farringdon and have ten spaces available for each session.  So whether you're a beginner or want to refresh your lino printing skills why not join Laura and Lucie this summer?  All you need to bring along is some ideas or inspiration for your stamp designs.

Course dates this summer
16th July 2013 (6:00pm - 8:30pm)
21st August 2013 (6:00pm - 8:30pm)

To book please visit Laura's website

Enjoy the rest of your day and please get in touch if you run workshops and would like to be featured in this series.


Monday, 3 June 2013

DIY Paper Anemones

Morning! I know I have been a little quiet recently but being on clinical placement, assignments to be written, studying for exams and having Andy in plaster for six weeks has meant life has been a little chaotic.  I have had to admit that I simply cannot do everything, hence I stopped blogging and have neglected my Etsy store a little.  But Andy's cast comes off on Thursday, I only have three more weeks on clinical placement and am on top of my academic work too.  So this means I can now allow myself to blog a little and start getting new products ready for the shop, ready to launch at the end of this month.  Today I wanted to share with you a very pretty tutorial I found on Pinterest that would make a lovely addition to your homes or as a decoration at a wedding or party this summer.  I am yet to attempt making paper flowers but this tutorial from The Elli Blog looks like a great place to start trying a new papercraft.

Paper Anemone Tutorial from The Elli Blog 

Have a wonderful Monday,

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Happy Piece - Empowering Women & Brightening Our Lives

Morning! I hope you are all having a fab week.  After another trip to A&E, this time with my eldest I am beginning to think I should have some sort of loyalty card! Thankfully he has not had to have a cast but has a hairline fracture, which means he won't be able to test his new running gear he had for his birthday on Monday for a few weeks.  Whilst I could moan and grumble about the past few weeks I am always one to count my blessings.  Even though Andy is in his cast for another couple of weeks and Connor is on crutches, we have so much to be thankful for.  Life can be tough or even cruel sometimes but it is how we cope that makes us the individuals we are.  Which leads me to sharing with you a wonderful story of coping and how a group of women are being empowered by a fabulous project.  Happy Piece is the story of an amazing business started by a very dear friend.

Having returned from visiting her husbands family in Rwanda, Isa knew she wanted to share the work of some amazing women she had met through The Empowerment Project and providing sewing supplies to Aspire Rwanda.  With limited means to sell their beautiful handcrafted products, Isa returned to the UK determined to help these women expand their market and help to lift them out of poverty and created Happy Piece. Collaborating with the makers, Isa ensures these women have money to buy food, meeting the immediate needs but that they also gain business skills, through donating a percentage of the profits to Aspire Rwanda.  

I am sure you will all agree the accessories in the Happy Piece collections are beautiful, bright and a welcome addition to our homes and jewellery collections.  But the best thing about these gorgeous products is that aswell as brightening our own lives we are helping to make somebody else's future brighter.

To view all of the products and enjoy the journey of Happy Piece via social media -
website -
twitter -
facebook -
instagram -

Have a wonderful day,

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Designer Brunch - Giddy Kipper

Morning! I hope you are all well and having a fabulous weekend. Life got a little crazy here the past couple of weeks but hopefully now I will have a bit of time to get back to blogging.  There are times when I have to admit that I cannot keep all my juggling balls in the air and I needed to drop a couple for a little while, but with my essay almost complete I now have a little more time.  As today is Sunday it is time to welcome another fabulous British designer maker for a chat over Designer Brunch.  This weeks guest is a dear friend and one half of super design duo Giddy Kipper.

Heidi is reguarly found with a paintbrush in her hand creating fun and beautiful wooden signs, decorations and more.  Starting Giddy Kipper several years ago with her partner Steve, they have worked hard creating fab products for their Not On The High Street store, trade customers and in the past attending Country Living fairs.  Working from their workshop in an old maltings building in the Lincolnshire countryside, the Giddy Kipper team have grown and added lots of products to their portfolio.  Alongside their handpainted wooden homewares and decorations, Giddy Kipper also have a fantastic weddings collection.  This has won them the prestigious Special Touches Award at the Wedding Ideas Awards, not once but twice, beating big brands and proving small businesses can compete with the big fish in the wedding industry.
I am delighted that Heidi popped down here paintbrush to answer my questions for this weeks Designer Brunch.  So please give a very warm welcome as we share her favourite way to spend a Sunday.

Best drink to start the day? 
Has to be coffee to start the day for me...I'm useless without my caffeine hit! Not very healthy I guess but it gives a kick as I'm not a morning person!!

Croissants or full English?
 That's a tough one! I love my food. if I had to choose it would definitely be croissants (or even better pain au chocolat) but then I'd be the size of a small planet so it's a bowl of cereal or porridge for me! I do have a Full English occasionally...especially on holiday.

Sunday papers or favourite magazines?
I am addicted to magazines! I buy so many and would sit reading them all day if I could!! Faves include Coast, The Simple Things, Vintage Life, Country Living, Junior, and every home and wedding magazine going!
Favourite blogs to read at the weekend?
 I love Lisa Jarmin's blog How To Be A Domestic Disgrace - it's very funny and has me laughing out loud. I also love Happy Loves Rosie - full of colourful vintage finds, fabulous photos of her kitsch homewares and general quirkiness. I'm a big fan of wedding and photography blogs... I've always loved Emma Case's work, she's a fabulous photographer who captures such lovely details. I've also recently discovered Candy Pop - a mix of fashion, photography and 'interiors with a vintage twist' and Hello Naomi - full of cute ideas and cake! 

Sunday morning playlist - 3 songs for Sunday brunch?
 I have quite eclectic taste when it comes to music....a like a bit of everything but on a Sunday it has to be something relaxing. I love the soundtrack to the film Chocolat and have listened to the album hundreds of times and never get tired of hearing it, so I'd listen to that album but if I had to choose 3 tracks it would be Teardrop by Massive Attack (still a favourite from way back) and then I'd choose a track by Imelda May and At The River by Groove Armada

Favourite local shop or market for weekend shopping?
Sadly I don't get to go out often on a Sunday as it's usually the one day I have to catch up with all the boring chores round the house! If I do get some time off, we tend take the boys to the seaside as it's somewhere we all love to spend the day. I do love having a good rummage around jumble sales and car boot sales when I get chance though and I try to have a sneaky peek in any charity shops or vintage shops when we're out and about. Not easy when you have 2 lively little boys in tow!

To view more of Giddy Kipper's products please visit
Not On The High Street -

Thank you so much Heidi for joining us for brunch and I hope you are having a lovely Sunday morning.  I am also a magazine addict with your choices being in my top ten too!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone,

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Designer Brunch - Moobaacluck

Morning! I hope you are all having a wonderful bank holiday weekend and that you all have had time to enjoy some of this gorgeous sunshine.  I spent most of yesterday having a big clean and tidy in the house but hope to get outside today, a pot of tea in the garden whilst spending an hour reading magazines is definitely on my list of priorities this afternoon.  Today I am thrilled to welcome my guest for this weeks Designer Brunch as she is a very dear friend of mine.  So please give a very warm welcome to Gabs of Moobaacluck and Gabriella Buckingham.

Armed with a paintbrush, listening to the radio, Gabs works happily from her garden studio in North Norfolk.  After working as a freelance children's book and greetings card illustrator for several years whilst living in London, she moved to North Norfolk with her young family.  Whilst being a full time mummy Gabs started turning her thoughts back to painting and soon found a local supplier to cut the various wooden shapes she wanted for her designs.  So Moobaacluck was launched and soon her candy coloured designs became very popular with buyers visiting Not On The High Street.  Aswell as hand painted wooden signs, Gabs also designs greeting cards and party invites for her Moobaacluck website and over the past few months has added other greeting card and giftwrap designs to her Etsy store, under her own name.  Alongside these in her Gabriella Buckingham store she also sells beautiful artwork, which is often how her designs begin.

Whilst time eludes us to meet up for lunch and a good ol' catch up, I am very happy that Gabs has joined me here today for this post and I shall now let her share her Sunday morning with you all.

Best drink to start the day? 
Definitely a huge cup of green tea. And then another.

Croissants or full English? 
Love croissants  and full English - can I have both? I rarely have either! We always have croissants in our family when one of us has a birthday. Usually it's some sort of oat based cereal for me and maybe some buttered toast with chunky marmalade.

Sunday papers or favourite magazines?
Sunday papers but these days don't often have time to spend reading it. Like a lot of people I suspect. I used to be a real magazine reader and now I treat myself to one or two occasionally my current favourite being Country Homes and Interiors. It's wonderful to see fellow designers homes featured there, especially when I know them personally. If I get to grips with this house and garden I hope one day that will be me! Another good source of magazines that I actually want to read is my library. If I am lucky I will find Country Living there, Vogue, and Norfolk Magazine.

Favourite blogs to read at the weekend?
This is a tough one as I don't have regular reads, I'm sporadic due to lack of time. I really like dipping into friends blogs, like and written by Lisa Smith Clare who is a crafter and teacher and also organises a makers fair in Holt that I've taken part in. I really enjoy artists blogs too for example Celia Hart's I love blogs that are supportive and educational for self employed designers too such as UK based by Isa Maria Seminega and US based by Moncia Lee. Both great and very different from each other.

Sunday morning playlist - 3 songs for Sunday brunch?
I am incredibly lazy where music is concerned, I just put the radio on and tune into whatever I like the sound of and leave it on! I never just sit and listen to music. Or my husband will blast out something eccentric, if we haven't gone out. Later I love to listen to the food programme on Radio 4 with Sheila Dillon or Mornington Crescent - whatever happens to be on while I am cooking lunch.

Favourite local shop or market for weekend shopping?
Norwich generally is very good for shopping, there's a gorgeous artist collective called Veranda full of arty stationery, beautiful knitwear and ceramics on Upper St. Giles Street. The sad thing is that a few of the lovely shops there have closed recently; it's a little off the beaten track. I hope very much they manage to survive. Local to where I live in North Norfolk there seem to be an abundance of charity shops, although I have found some great things in them. One being my large old 1950s style suitcase that I've just filled with Autumn/Winter clothes that I am determined not to wear anymore as we should be experiencing Spring!! 

To view more the designs available from Moobaacluck and Gabriella Buckingham please visit -

Thank you so much Gabs for sharing your Sunday with us and I hope you are getting to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine today,  There are some fab blog choices there and Country Homes and Interiors is in my top five magazine list.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend,