Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Happy Piece - Empowering Women & Brightening Our Lives

Morning! I hope you are all having a fab week.  After another trip to A&E, this time with my eldest I am beginning to think I should have some sort of loyalty card! Thankfully he has not had to have a cast but has a hairline fracture, which means he won't be able to test his new running gear he had for his birthday on Monday for a few weeks.  Whilst I could moan and grumble about the past few weeks I am always one to count my blessings.  Even though Andy is in his cast for another couple of weeks and Connor is on crutches, we have so much to be thankful for.  Life can be tough or even cruel sometimes but it is how we cope that makes us the individuals we are.  Which leads me to sharing with you a wonderful story of coping and how a group of women are being empowered by a fabulous project.  Happy Piece is the story of an amazing business started by a very dear friend.

Having returned from visiting her husbands family in Rwanda, Isa knew she wanted to share the work of some amazing women she had met through The Empowerment Project and providing sewing supplies to Aspire Rwanda.  With limited means to sell their beautiful handcrafted products, Isa returned to the UK determined to help these women expand their market and help to lift them out of poverty and created Happy Piece. Collaborating with the makers, Isa ensures these women have money to buy food, meeting the immediate needs but that they also gain business skills, through donating a percentage of the profits to Aspire Rwanda.  

I am sure you will all agree the accessories in the Happy Piece collections are beautiful, bright and a welcome addition to our homes and jewellery collections.  But the best thing about these gorgeous products is that aswell as brightening our own lives we are helping to make somebody else's future brighter.

To view all of the products and enjoy the journey of Happy Piece via social media -
website - www.happypiece.com
twitter - twitter.com/happypieceHQ
facebook - www.facebook.com/happypieceHQ
instagram - http://instagram.com/happypieceHQ

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