Monday, 5 August 2013

Closing Down Sale in My Etsy Shop

The summer break always seems to be when decisions are made in our house.  Maybe it is because we take time out, take a step back, relax and contemplate.  This past year has been one of big changes and new adventures.  Whilst I started retraining I pondered keeping a toe dipped in the crafty sellers pond yet I now realise I need to focus on one path.  My second year of my degree promises a heavy workload and I will still be commuting when on clinical placement so I have made a decision.  I am going to close my Etsy shop on Friday 24 August.  

I am in the process of listing various ribbons and trimmings in my shop at reduced prices to clear stock. Whilst I could keep it all for future projects I really could do with a little bit of cash as medical textbooks are very expensive! So if you need to stock up for future projects please take a look and grab a bargain.  

The next three weeks will be the end of an era for me, closing a door to properly commit to opening a new one.  Right now I am not sure whether to completly step away and also close my twitter account, but I do love catching up with you all there.  I am also considering writing a personal blog, no pressure for pretty pictures, projects and the need to review products sent to me. Just somewhere I can continue to write, as a place I can still be creative and stay in touch with friends around the country and the world.

More decisions to make but for now I am off to enjoy a cup of tea in the garden.

See you soon,

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