Friday, 7 June 2013

Fabric Friday - Spoonflower

Morning! It's Friday and we've made it through another week.  My day started very early today as Jack is heading off on a day trip to Ypres with his school and needed to be there at 5.30 am.  Thankfully Andy is driving again so he can do the late pick up tonight which is very good news for me!  I thought today I would have a little fabric Friday indulgence and share with you the fabulous website Spoonflower.  I first wrote about this innovative idea a couple of years ago and have since watched the whole concept develop and grow.  Spoonflower is the place to go for any would be fabric designer.  

Since it's first foray into print your own design fabric production, Spoonflower has now extended it's products so that we can design our own wallpaper, giftwrap and decals.  Aswell as ordering these for our own projects other people can also purchase our designs and we can purchase other peoples designs.  I love everything about Spoonflower and one day will find time to try my hand at surface pattern design.  In the meantime I have discovered some fabulous designs on their website that I hope to use on projects in the future.  

Are you a Spoonflower designer?  Please get in touch ( I can share your designs here.

Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to pop by for Designer Brunch on Sunday.

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