Thursday, 28 March 2013

A Little Makeover

Hello again! I know it's been a little while but I am now on Easter holidays and have decided to give the blog a little makeover. What do you think? I am planning on writing posts reguarly with inspiration to get you making and creating so the tree of buttons seemed very appropriate.  Then I fell in love with this font and it seemed to go perfectly with the tree.  However the hardest decision came in deciding where to place the words and the tree! But my twitter family came to the rescue this morning in helping to decide when my fabulous friend Heidi of GiddyKipper suggested placing the tree as one of the I's.  After a quick play in photoshop I shared with her the idea and my new logo was born.  Obviously I am not a graphic designer but I am pleased with my efforts.  After finalising the logo I got to work with all the other buttons I needed and tweaked the fonts used on the blog to fit the new design.  Not bad for a mornings work!

New Logo!

I am also busily working on an idea that has just not gone away for the last four or five months.  All will be revealed very soon.  But the buttons in the new logo are a little clue! 

Have a fab afternoon,

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Mother's Day - Hand-Tied Bouquets

Morning! I hope you are all well and having a good week.  It's been lovely to see some sunshine these past few days and it has really felt like Spring is about to make an appearance.  Driving home from uni through the country lanes, the acres of brown muddy fields are looking alot healthier as shades of green are sprouting through the cracks. Daffodils are starting to appear in our garden too, little rays of sunshine to brighten a murky end of winter morning.  Yesterday Lucy arrived home from Guides with a beautiful hand tied bouquet for me as an early Mother's Day present, with daffodils and sprigs of greenery.  A local florist had taught the girls to make these little bouquets which are a beautiful gift.  So I thought today I would find some inspiration and helpful tutorials for you to create your own hand-tied bouquets for Mother's Day or for Easter or birthday gifts for family and friends.  

How to make a French hand-tied bouquet from Frolic!

How to make a bouquet from Valley & Co. Weddings

I love tulips and this simple idea of tying ribbon around the stems looks amazing.

Big daisies are my all time favourites. So simple and brighten the gloomiest of days. I love how these have been mixed with smaller flowers of the same colour.  Wrapped in some yellow tissue paper they would be a beautiful gift.

A great idea from Martha Stewart

This is a great idea from Saved by the Southern Belle,  pop a hyacinth into a cool tin. It would look great on the kitchen windowsill.

Fresh flowers really do make a fabulous gift and will make even a stressed mother or hostess smile.  I  hope you all have a wonderful day on Sunday.


Friday, 1 March 2013

Fabric Friday - Blueberry Park

Cushion and fabric panels available from Blueberry Park

Hello again! Can you believe it's March already?! Although the promise of Spring is making me smile.  As we head in to a new season I thought I would start writing my Fabric Friday posts again. I know how much I loved doing this many months ago on my old blog (Zoe & Drew) and I always loved discovering new designers too.  This year Andy and I have written an action plan to get some jobs done around the house, planning to tackle a room a month, but also working on the garden.  So this month it is the living rooms turn for a bit of a makeover.  Thankfully it doesn't need decorating apart from some cupboard doors in need of a fresh coat of glass.  So it means I get to have a splurge on fabric! I know I want to add some Amy Butler prints but undecided which ones as yet but I also want to add some handprinted textiles. Therefore for todays Fabric Friday I want to share the fabulous designs from Blueberry Park.

Fabric panels available from Blueberry Park

I met Karen last year at Top Drawer and have been a fan of her fabric designs for a while.  I recently discovered Instagram and love seeing Karen share her new designs for her business, Blueberry Park.  Seeing her share her photos of the screens used to print the fabrics and then seeing the first print runs is fantastic.  The joys of visual social media! With bright and cheery colours mixed with geometric or floral design I am currently Blueberry Park's biggest fan.  Aswell as selling panels of her screenprinted fabric Karen also sells a selection of products made using her fabric designs, including cushions, washbags and quilts.  So even if you don't sew or don't have time to sew you can still indulge in Blueberry Park designs.  As for my plans for our lounge, I had a little splurge yesterday and brought several panels for cushions! I will share with you soon which ones.

This kit looks like a great way to brighten up a tired lamp this Spring!
Available here 

So which are your favourite designs? Mine is definately the Triangle Mania and Karens new flower design which is yet to be added to her website and her Etsy shop.

Blueberry Park

Have a fab weekend!

PS. This is NOT a sponsored post. Fabric Friday is about me sharing my fabric finds and addiciton with you!