Friday, 12 April 2013

The Roost Tribe

It's Friday!! We've made it through another week and the promise of a warmer weekend here in the UK beckons.  Time to catch up on some gardening or to sit in the garden with a cup of tea reading my favourite blogs or magazines.  Today I want to share with you one of my favourite blogs, Going Home To Roost.  I have been reading Bonnie's blog for the past three years and love the way she writes and the content she posts everyday.  It has also been lovely to watch how Going Home To Roost has developed and how Bonnie has created a wonderful business.  As well as being a fabulous blogger she is a surface pattern designer and shared the fantastic news this week that she has designed her first collection for Art Gallery Fabrics. Of course I will share this amazing collection with you at a later date, closer to launch but today I wanted share another part of Bonnie's blog.

The Roost Tribe is a membership that brings you monthly goodies, including a set of printables, an Adobe Illustrator video tutorial, two seamless repeating patterns, ten graphics that you can use to beautify your blog or scrapbooking.  As if that wasn't enough there is also an occasional e-book and you also get some great e-books in your welcome pack, including how to write product descriptions, growing your blog and Going Home To Roosts creative journey.  Also included in the membership is a private facebook page, which has been great for meeting other members, a community pinterest board, a bookclub and monthly challenges.  This really is a community that I love being a part of and for $5 a month (about £3.25 here in the UK, less than most magazines) it is a wonderful investment. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Be sure to pop back over the weekend for two new features, Suffolk Saturdays and Designer Brunch.

See you soon,


  1. Great post & so happy to meet a fellow rooster!



  2. Sounds lovely - will check it out. Have you heard about the bloggers day coming up in May around Cambs? I have not bought tickets but did think that I may go.

  3. Thank you ladies :)

    Knitrun4sanity unfortunately I don't think I can make the Blogfest. Maybe another time.


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