Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Book Review - Tilda's Fairytale Wonderland

Hello, I hope you are all well and keeping warm as winter is stubbornly sticking around beyond its welcome. Although it is the perfect excuse to stay indoors and indulge in some crafting before the garden starts needing our attention. So I was very pleased to receive a copy of Tilda's Fairytale Wonderland to inspire crafty afternoons with my daughters. I am a big fan of the Tilda books written by Tone Finnanger and already own several of the earlier titles. So I was intrigued to see if the new title was as inspiring and exciting.

With a handmade princess doll sat upon a bed of many pretty fabric layers adorning the cover, the promise of magical fairytale characters within its pages captivates myself and my daughters. There is always something wonderful about fairytale characters and this book is full of projects to bring childhood favourites to life. Again Tone Finnanger has created a beautiful book with projects that simply must be made. Whether you have a budding ballerina to make a gift for or a little person who loves woodland creatures or perhaps there is space for another beautiful princess in the playroom. Whilst the majority of the projects are to be sewn there are a few that do not require a needle and thread.

As a child I adored the story of the princess and the pea and plan to make the little doll and her many layers of bedding as well as the wall hanging of the princess in her high bed. Another favourite for me was Pinocchio and I will definitely be making this doll later in the year. But for now we are awaiting an order of Tilda skin coloured fabric to create our own collection of little woodland creatures. I will be sure to share both mine and Lucy's, Amber's and Kitty's creations in the coming weeks.

Are you also a fan of the beautiful Tilda books? I would love to see photos of your creations so be sure to share!

Have a lovely day, stay warm.

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  1. I adore all of Tone's gorgeous books (and the fabrics she designs too) I hope to add this one to my collection soon. Is there very much in there to appeal to little boys? Mine loves the pirate doll I made based on the Tilda doll pattern :-)

  2. Sounds like a perfect little girl book!

  3. Hi Anthea, there is plenty for little boys,the tin solider from The Nutcracker and I'm sure he'd love Pinoccihio too.

    Yes Coombe Mill it is perfect for projects to make for little girls :)


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