Thursday, 28 March 2013

A Little Makeover

Hello again! I know it's been a little while but I am now on Easter holidays and have decided to give the blog a little makeover. What do you think? I am planning on writing posts reguarly with inspiration to get you making and creating so the tree of buttons seemed very appropriate.  Then I fell in love with this font and it seemed to go perfectly with the tree.  However the hardest decision came in deciding where to place the words and the tree! But my twitter family came to the rescue this morning in helping to decide when my fabulous friend Heidi of GiddyKipper suggested placing the tree as one of the I's.  After a quick play in photoshop I shared with her the idea and my new logo was born.  Obviously I am not a graphic designer but I am pleased with my efforts.  After finalising the logo I got to work with all the other buttons I needed and tweaked the fonts used on the blog to fit the new design.  Not bad for a mornings work!

New Logo!

I am also busily working on an idea that has just not gone away for the last four or five months.  All will be revealed very soon.  But the buttons in the new logo are a little clue! 

Have a fab afternoon,

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