Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to my new blog! The kettles on and you are welcome to warm your toes by the fire on this very cold wintry day.  A new blog but I am by no means new to blogging.  For the past three years I have written and edited Zoe & Drew, created and wrote Inspired Celebration, aswell as contributing to numerous other blogs alongside being a freelance writer and blog editor.  Back in September I took a different route in my career path and am now busy studying to become a Radiotherapist.  However I have found I still have a love for pattern, print and design aswell as a desire to write and blog.  So here I am in my new bloggy home, popping on my hand knitted socks and drinking tea, getting ready to share some colourful posts with you.  Whilst I intend to stick to interiors, I know I am easily distracted so please don't be surprised if I share some fabulous designs from the world of fashion or stylish ideas for a party or wedding!

I look forward to welcoming you reguarly and be sure to join me on Twitter and Pinterest where I hope to share even more inspired ideas for all sorts of decoration.

Keep warm,


  1. Hello there, As a friend of @forest-flowers I always love looking at crafty blogs x

  2. Congrats Zoe - looking forward to your finds!


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